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What is a multifiber optical connector part [MT Ferrule]?

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What is multifiber optical connector component [MT Ferrule]?

As fiber optic communication technology evolves day by day, there is an important part that maximizes its performance. This part is the multifiber optical connector part "MT Ferrule." This article will explain in detail the structure, characteristics, and applications of MT Ferrule.

Basic structure of MT Ferrule

MT Ferrule is a type of ferrule (terminal) for multifiber optical connector that can connect multiple optical fibers at once. multifiber optical connector that use MT Ferrule include MPO (Multi-fiber Push On) connectors and MT connectors.


Generally, it can handle multiple optical fibers at the same time, such as 12-Fiber, 16-Fiber or 24 fibers, making it ideal for use in data centers and high-density communication environments.

Features of MT Ferrule

The biggest advantage of MT Ferrule is their high-density connection capability. Compared to traditional Singlefiber fiber connections, they can connect more fibers without taking up too much space, resulting in significant space efficiency improvements.
In addition, the use of MT Ferrule can reduce the time required for connection work, significantly improving work efficiency.

Although the appearance may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer, the dimensions are basically standardized and follow the same standards.
In particular, the mating surface where the ferrules mate (6.4 mm x 2.5 mm) and the length (8 mm) are the same dimensions regardless of manufacturer.

Shape and size of MT ferrules

Application fields of MT Ferrule

MT Ferrule are widely used as the foundation for data centers and high-speed communication networks.
It is often used for links between spine and leaf switches in a data center, and between leaf and ToR (Top of Rack) switches.

Leaf-Spine Networking switch

Reference: Optical transmission technology supporting data centers – Hyperscale data centers [Atsushi Takai, EE Times Japan]

Particularly in high-density communication environments using optical fibers, components such as MT Ferrule play an important role as miniaturization and higher density are required.
With the birth of generative AI, the demand for it is increasing further, including its use in AI cluster-type systems.

How to choose MT Ferrule

When choosing MT Ferrule, it is important to pay attention to the following points:

  • Number of fibers: It is necessary to select a ferrule with an appropriate number of fibers depending on the number of optical fibers used.
  • Propagation mode: The corresponding MT Ferrule differ depending on the propagation mode (Multimode / Single-mode), so it is necessary to select MT Ferrule that matches the propagation mode to be used.
  • Quality: By choosing a high-quality ferrule with highly precise optical fiber holes, you can obtain excellent Insertion Loss when installing optical fibers.
  • Compatibility: It is essential to check the compatibility of the fiber optic cable and connectors you use.

The basic external dimensions and connection end faces of MT Ferrule are defined by international standards, but there are some differences between manufacturers, such as differences in appearance.

There are differences in grades depending on the number of cores that can be supported and the precision of the optical fiber holes, so we recommend consulting a reliable MT ferrule manufacturer when selecting one.


The multifiber optical connector component "MT Ferrule" is an essential component for achieving efficient optical fiber connections in high-density communication environments.
Due to its small size and high-density connection capability, it is widely used as the foundation for data centers and next-generation communication networks.

Selecting the appropriate MT Ferrule and building a high-quality communication environment holds the key to the future development of communication technology.

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