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Responding to a wide range of needs.

Hakusan Inc. develops unique technologies and products that meet the rapidly changing needs of society.
We are working on research and development by reading market trends, exploring how Hakusan 's technology can contribute, and ways to make the most of our technological strengths.
We are always aware of market development and develop new technologies and products from the perspective of mass production.

Project list


  • アイキャッチ

    Challenge to ultra-precision resin molding
    - Contribution to large-capacity optical communication infrastructure -

    multifiber optical connector used in data centers. A single connector can connect multiple optical fibers, enabling high-density optical connections. There is a growing demand for more optical transmission. In order to meet the demand, we started to challenge ourselves to develop resin-molded parts through which 48 optical fibers pass.

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  • アイキャッチ

    Realizing Photonics-Electronics-Convergence technology!
    The future that Photonics connects

    Innovative Optical and Wireless Network, commonly known as IOWN. The IOWN concept is a low power consumption, low delay, high capacity, high quality communication network proposed by NTT in 2019. In order to realize this concept, we have begun the development of a Multifiber ferrule that will contribute to the key technology of `` Photonics-Electronics-Convergence technology.''

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  • アイキャッチ

    Development of small optical connectors for devices - Realization of high-density optical cables -

    As Photonics-Electronics-Convergence technology accelerates, optical cables are also used inside conventional devices such as optical switches. In order to reduce the optical wiring density inside devices and improve workability, attention is being paid to small connectors. Hakusan has also begun development of a small multifiber optical connector using its own MT Ferrule.

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