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Original technology born in Hokuriku
Supporting infrastructure around the world.

Hakusan Inc. has technology cultivated over 75 years since its establishment.
We will solve the problems of customers and society with epoch-making products packed with this technology.
We are not a manufacturer that just makes what we are ordered to produce,
"What kind of technology can be delivered to make people's lives better?"
“What can we do to solve our customer’s problems?”
We always develop and manufacture products from a problem-solving perspective.
That is the product solution that Hakusan envisions.

Optical Communication


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  • Image of MT Ferrule
  • Image of ultra-small MT Ferrule (MTCOMPACT ®)


Examples of products handled

  • MT Ferrule
  • Micro MT Ferrule (MTCOMPACT®)
  • Multifiber optical connector-related parts (connector housing/guide pin, etc.)

Development product

  • Super High Density MT Ferrule (MTDS® )
  • Reflow resistant MT Ferrule (MTHR® )
  • Ceramic Multifiber ferrule (CMF® )
  • Small Multifiber optical connector (MTCT® )
  • Immersion compatible optical connector (GrinEB® )

Social Infrastructure


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  • Image of Surgepro JB-275
  • Image of ultra-compact uninterruptible power supply LiB-036MS

We have protected the living and business environments of our customers from lightning strike damage, from lightning arresters for telephone lines at the time of our founding to power surge arresters for offices and other places. In recent years, we have also prepared an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) as an emergency power supply in the event of a power outage due to a lightning strike, etc., in order to continue business and life over the long term.
In addition, we handle equipment that contributes to the foundation of social infrastructure, such as Rail Gas Pressure Welder used for laying railroad rails and Upset Butt Welder used for electric wire manufacturing.

Examples of products handled

  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
  • SPD (lightning arrester)
  • Other lightning protection products
  • Upset Butt Welder (butt welder)
  • Rail Gas Pressure Welder

Development product

  • Dissimilar metal joint product