Personal information protection policy

We set a personal information protection policy as follows.
Then, we settled on the management system about it (compliance program).
In the future we carry out and maintain it.
We respond to our customer’s trust while the improvement activities and provide our service.

We obey a decree about personal information and other models.
We carry out and maintain an internal regulation (about personal information protection) including appropriate collection (of personal information),use,offer.

Then, we carry out the corrective and preventive action (about illegal access to personal information,loss of personal information,destruction,garble and a leak, etc…)
Finally, we will continue to promote activities to improve the management system of a personal information protection.

CEO Tatsuya Yonekawa.

To the customer using a home page.

We’ll promise you that private information on the customer who uses our Web site is respected.
We recognize that the personal information which can specify an individual like the name, the address, the telephone number and a mail address is the private information valuable for a customer.

Only visit our website, it isn’t collected customer’s personal information.
When collecting information on our web site, we will properly manage it on the basis of the protection policy.
And we absolutely don’t provide your information to the third parties.
When a customer want us to refer and modify your personal information, please contact us.
We will respond promptly in the rational range.

About acquiring and using attribute information and behavior history not specifying individuals.

On this website, a program provided by a third party such as an advertisement distribution company is used to distribute advertisements to behavior targeting advertisements (based on site browsing information and the like in accordance with the user’s interests) on a specific site Advertisement method), site management, and access situation measurement.
In that case, we use cookies to collect user’s site visit history information (however, we do not include any information that can identify and identify individuals).
Third parties, such as advertisement distribution companies, use advertisement distribution, site management, and access situation measurement based on past access information to this website using the cookie.
Users who wish to invalidate this advertisement or measurement can invalidate the use of cookies by accessing the third-party opt-out page such as the advertisement distribution provider.
In case of change of browser, deletion of a cookie, change to new PC, etc., the setting is necessary again. Clicking the following URL will result in opt-out completion.


Inquiry about customer’s personal information