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Supporting the world's infrastructure.

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Hakusan Inc. supports communication infrastructure behind the scenes,
We are a company that contributes to the realization of a society where everyone around the world is connected by a network.
Our main product, "MT Ferrule", a component for Multifiber optical connectors,
Currently, we have achieved the second largest market share in the world.
From the very beginning of our founding, when we started with protectors (lightning protection products used in home phones),
This is the result of steady development along with the development of optical communication.

Hakusan Inc. aims to be No.1 in the world with current products and technology.
We are conducting advanced research and development that looks to the future without being bound by the past.

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Support comfortable daily life 
Hakusan product.

Currently, the world's No. 2 share product "MT Ferrule".
It is one of the connector parts indispensable for optical communication that supports the world's communication.
Thanks to this technology, you can enjoy online content such as videos, have online conversations with friends and family, and enjoy social networking services (SNS).
The "MT Ferrule" is a connector component packed with technology that supports the lifestyles that have become commonplace around the world.

We also handle lightning protection devices (SPDs/lightning arresters) that protect the electrical equipment of photovoltaic power generation facilities and office buildings, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) that can be used during power outages. In addition, we also manufacture Rail Gas Pressure Welder necessary for welding railroad rails, and Upset Butt Welder used for welding electric wires.
Products and technologies of Hakusan Inc. support the social infrastructure that is essential to your life.


Greetings from our CEO & President

In the spirit of “everyday creating,”
To become an essential company for our customers.

We believe that our main businesses, “Photonics/Optics” and “Thermoelectrics,” will greatly contribute as fundamental technologies to support the sustainable society of the future. On the other hand, from the viewpoint of protecting social infrastructure and daily life from inevitable natural disasters, the need for lightning protection, UPS, and metal bonding technology will continue to increase.

While contributing to society with world-class technology, we will continue to be a highly engaged company that is connected with many customers with “emotions” such as “I’m glad to be with Hakusan” and “I wonder what would have happened if it hadn’t been there.” is our wish.

Hakusan Inc. aims for further growth as a company that creates the future through the rapidly growing optical business, research and development activities that create new businesses, and the environmental energy business and special equipment business that challenge new projects.

CEO & President Tatsuya Yonekawa

CEO & President

Tatsuya Yonekawa

Initiatives for SDGs


As a sustainable company,
Pursuing economic value and solving social issues at the same time.

sustainable development goals

Based on our management philosophy, we aim to achieve continuous growth and improve corporate value through management and business strategies that consider ESG (E = environment, S = society, G = governance). To achieve the 2030 SDGs, we aim to solve customer needs and local issues, and contribute to the development of a sustainable society through our business activities.

Promotion of health management

We believe that employee health management is the foundation of sustainable corporate management. We actively invest in the health of our employees and focus on improving their vitality and productivity. In addition to promoting the health of our company, we have started donation activities with the aim of improving the nutrition of children living in developing countries. As an SDGs-promoting company, we will continue to contribute to the resolution of issues facing the international community and local communities.

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Environmental policy

Environmental philosophy

Hakusan Group recognizes that improving the global environment is our responsibility to the next generation, and aims to reduce the environmental burden at every stage of our business activities and realize a better global environment.

Environmental policy

  1. Energy and resource conservation, reduction of waste, etc.

    In all business activities ranging from product sales, development, production, and distribution,
    We promote energy saving, resource saving, and waste/discharge reduction.

  2. Environmental compliance and pollution prevention

    We will comply with environment-related laws, regulations and agreements, and strive to prevent pollution.

  3. Continuous improvement of the environmental management system

    In all business activities ranging from product sales, development, production, and distribution,
    We promote energy saving, resource saving, and waste/discharge reduction.

  4. Promotion of environmental education

    Conduct environmental policy education for employees.
    We also seek the understanding and cooperation of our business partners.

  5. This environmental policy is open to the public.

January 28, 2019
Hakusan Inc.
CEO&President Tatsuya Yonekawa