In July 2021 Hakusan Inc. has decided to join the Optical Internetworking Forum, an eminent forum pertinent to the Optics market and technology.

the Optical Interworking Forum has accelerated progressive transformation in optical networking by serving as the only global industry forum driving the electrical, optical and control interoperability that enables a more efficient and reliable network. Its active member ecosystem collaborates through a transparent and fast-paced process to develop, validate and publish Implementation Agreements (IAs) and technical white papers that are critical to accelerating market adoption of optical networking technologies.

– Cited from OIF website: Learn more about the OIF

Hakusan Inc. is moving towards accelerating the development activity targetting the advanced optical interconnectivity technology and for that reason, the company has needed the updated market and technology trend information.

More than 120+ companies are active in the OIF to discuss the optics industry’s needs and requirements and conclude the future solution to make impacts on the telecom/datacom communication technology.

Specifically talking about the activity, it has derived to some working groups about each technology topic and Hakusan Inc. is especially curious about the Co-packaged optics.

Working Group Chart

We’ll dedicate ourselves to contributing to future technological progress.

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